Carrefour presents a new hypermarket concept at Epizen

With an area of 7,700 square meters, it offers an easy, fast, quality shopping experience and the best prices.

The new Carrefour hypermarket in Epizen will become the company's largest in Andorra. The space, with an area of 7,700 square metres, has been designed to offer visitors an easy and fast shopping experience, with guaranteed quality products and the best prices.

Epizen's new Carrefour occupies two floors of the new commercial area. At street level, 5,000 square meters with 17 boxes, and on the first floor, 2,700 square meters, 15 more boxes and a restaurant with capacity for 150 diners. The hypermarket, one of the most innovative in its category, has a wide range of products, with more than 36,000 different references in food and other merchandise.

Regarding the movement of people through this new hypermarket, multipurpose spaces have been planned, with areas set up for show cooking, and aisles larger than usual, two meters wide, with the aim of facilitating the mobility of customers. visitors and promote a more comfortable and calm purchase.

Pyrénées Group and Carrefour sealed an agreement in 2020 to implement the French supermarket chain in Andorra together with the leading group in local food distribution. The agreement with the French multinational has given Pyrénées the opportunity to share know-how with one of the largest European companies in the sector and strengthen its position in the sector.


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